Open Rehearsal

Before a warm audience of nearly 100 people from around the world–Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Germany, England, America, Gaza, Israel and Palestine, YTheater performed an open rehearsal of “Our Daily Portion” on Thursday evening, Jan. 5th. It was our first time presenting this work in public. After the performance, people sat for the better part of an hour discussing with us and giving feedback. Responses to the work were quite extraordinary. These are some of the points:

  • we achieve a fluidity, a merging of language, Hebrew and Arabic, without translation
  • our characters relate meaningful cultural identities, the transition of generations and changing values–from a grandparent figure who draws from the earth to young people who manipulate and struggle with manufactured materials
  • the flow of the narrative needs anchoring for people who are less connected to conceptual theater
  • the suggestion of a dividing wall as a possibility at the beginning and the fulfillment of it as conflict escalates reflects critically on our current situation
  • the play demonstrates how garbage only comes to be understood as garbage when it is disordered, displaced–this applies to things as well as to people
  • through conflict, resources are extremely unevenly distributed
  • movement–choreographic elements–particularly a slow motion scene and the closing scene where two people extract from one another their revulsion at the refuse, conflict, and loss of life are particularly moving

Many people expressed enthusiasm about the work, and the desire to invite us to perform this piece. We have finishing and refining to do.

We are grateful to the organizers of the non-violent communication workshop and Eco-Me–the extraordinary sustainable community that hosted us and to the participants who opened their hearts.

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