In the Canadian Press

,כתבה עלינו פורסמה היום בעיתון קנדי

An article by reporter Linda Gradstein, “Israeli-Palestinian theatre group hopes to restart dialogue while political negotiations are stalled” appeared today in the “Israel and the Middle-East” section of the Canadian paper, The National Post:

An elderly Arab woman approaches a young Israeli woman at a garbage dump. They have no common language, yet somehow they interact.

Called “Take-Away,” the play is set in a garbage dump on what used to be a sacred hill. A group of garbage collectors, all refugees from conflicts, live on the hill. They sort through the garbage that is dumped and in so doing, learn about each other.

“Garbage is the source by which we discard each other and so much stuff,” Bonna Haberman, the co-director of the Y Theater Project, tells The Media Line. “We’re really trashing the world, and that comes from a very instrumental approach to the other. We look at a person as a means to fulfill our goals and once that person is no longer useful, we discard them.”  . . . [more]


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