Two Performances of “Take Away” in September!

Dear friends,

חברים יקרים,

We are happy to announce two performance dates for Take Away in September.

אנחנו שמחים להכריז על שתי הופעות של “טייק אווי” בחודש ספטמבר.

These are the first two shows of our play in the past two years as well as the last two before we embark on the journey that is our US tour in October.

אלה יהיו שתי ההופעות הראשונות של המחזה מזה שנתיים וגם שתי ההופעות האחרונות שלנו בארץ לפני שאנחנו יוצאים למסע ההופעות שלנו בצפון אמריקה באוקטובר.

We need your support, your enthusiasm and your hearts with us on stage! Come join us for the experience of Take Away, performed for the first time without our beloved co-founder and co-director, Bonna Devora Haberman.

אנחנו צריכים את התמיכה שלכם, את ההתלהבות שלכם ואת הלב שלכם איתנו על הבמה! בואו להשתתף בחוויה של “טייק אווי”, ולחלוק איתנו את ההופעה הראשונה מאז פטירתה של המייסדת והבמאית האהובה שלנו, בונה דבורה הברמן.

***In Jerusalem, on Thursday, September 10th, at Beit Mazia Theater

Doors open at 20:00 / Show starts at 21:00 – Book your tickets now!

***בירושלים, יום חמישי, ה-10 בספטמבר, בתיאטרון בית מזיא

פתיחת דלתות – 20:00 / תחילת המופע – 21:00 – הזמינו כרטיסים כבר עכשיו!

***In Tel Aviv, on Thursday, September 24th, at Bascula Theater

Doors open at 20:00 / Show starts at 21:30

***בתל אביב, יום חמישי, ה-24 בספטמבר, בתיאטרון בסקולה

פתיחת דלתות – 20:00 / תחילת המופע – 21:30

Spread the word!!!

הפיצו את הבשורה!!!


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Announcing YTheater 2015 North American Tour Producer!

Amir AtsmonOur North American tour, this coming October, is delighted to have found a producer:

Amir Atsmon, Israeli improv-artist and translator, will be coordinating and producing our trip: including our New York debut and performances on campuses and theaters in five states!

There’s still time to book a show/workshop at a campus or theater near you!

Please contact us at

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Wanted: International Outreach Volunteer / Intern

Kadar pointingYTheater is looking for an International Outreach Volunteer/Intern. We are currently booking our original play, Take Away, on an October 2015 tour of college campuses and communities in the northeastern USA. The International Outreach Volunteer/Intern will liaison with community leaders and directors. continue booking and coordinating logistics of the tour. 

This is an opportunity to contribute to and participate in a visionary project, and to grow communication / networking skills under the guidance of Bonna Devora Haberman, director, academic, and activist. When rehearsals are in progress, observation of the rehearsal and performance process is also encouraged!

Responsibilities – in coordination with the director:

  • Communicating by email and phone with prospective venue hosts
  • Updating the co-directors
  • Coordinating logistics of the tour: flights, transportation, lodging etc
  • Recruiting a North American sound and lighting technician
  • Seeking out and applying for funding


  • strong writing, communication, and organizational skills
  • initiative
  • experience in project management, production preferred
  • theater familiarity desirable

Start date: April/May 2015

  • Hours are flexible (10-20 hours a week)
  • This is potentially a telecommuting position

About the company:

Co-directed by a Zionist, Bonna Devora Haberman, and a Palestinian nationalist, Kadar Herini, YTheater Project Jerusalem is a young and unique non-profit theater company. YTheater creates original plays based on workshops with artists who disagree about almost everything – politics, culture, narratives, land, and history. We come together not to try to change each other’s minds. We struggle, we do not whitewash. We face difference and difficulty with caring and respect. YTheater performs an inspiring model of collaboration. We engage audiences with insight and passion, grapple with conflict, space, and limited resources. Our current play, Take Away invokes a fresh discourse based on our common relationship with our environment.

Read and learn more about YTheater and our performances

Please apply with a brief email and cv to

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North America Tour – FAQ

DSC_0775For campus groups and institutions who would like to book YTheater on our October-November 2015 tour, here are some answers to questions about hosting Take Away. For more information and to book a performance, please contact

1) What kind of stage does YTheater need (i.e. theater/risers, wings, mics)? Preferably a stage that is at least 29.5′ x 20′ with one off-stage wing or aisle.

2) What equipment does the performance require?  Basic lighting (spot lights), sound equipment (for our soundtrack), a digital projector for subtitles. Mics are optional for the post-performance talk-back.

3) Is YTheater providing the poster design? Yes – the host campus is responsible for printing and publicizing the performance.

4) What sort of production value are you planning on?  Low budget production with high level performance professionalism.

5) Are we responsible for any of the meals for the actors? Not necessary, but we welcome you to set up a meal/meet-and-greet where we could mingle informally with audience participants.

DSC_06846) What is your mission on this tour? To model and promote better modes of engagement – moving from anger, recrimination, threats and violence toward more refined understanding, mutual respect, and creativity.

7) Would your actors be interested in dinner with a few participants/students? We’d be happy to have a meal with participants/students — timing to be determined together.

8) Are we responsible for transportation for the actors? No. We will be driving a van to each performance venue.

9) What sort of lodging are you looking for? The YTheater 6-person traveling team prefers home hospitality – to stay with participants, students, faculty.

10) What does a successful performance mean to YTheater? Engaging and inspiring audiences with our vision and practice of collaboration in the presence of difference.

11) What language is the show in? Take Away is in Hebrew and Arabic – each actor speaks in his/her native tongue. Our theater language and choreography make the meaning of the performance plain without translation. For our North American tour, we will be projecting English subtitles.


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Book YTheater in October-November 2015 on our North American Tour

Israeli-Palestinian YTheater Project Jerusalem’s original performance Take Away is heading to North America! To learn more about the play, view photos and video clips, read reviews, click here.

YTheater is currently booking engagements beginning in the third week of October in the northeastern US and Canada, and on the West coast. Our principle targets are university campuses, community institutions of culture and education.

DSC_0704Audiences will have an opportunity to experience the shared creativity of Israelis and Palestinians who disagree about politics, religion, society, and specifically, the Middle East. Setting a stage for mutual openness, face-to-face encounter with the other, YTheater performs an inspiring model of collaboration. We engage audiences with insight and passion, grappling with conflict, sacred space, and limited resources. Take Away invokes a fresh discourse based on our common relationship with our environment.

Contact YTheater to book Take Away in your community.

YTheater welcomes funding support for this initiative to contribute toward better, more nuanced, and fruitful conversations about Israel and Palestine.

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!ההצגה ריגשה אותי עד דמעות The play moved me to tears!

לוגו כל הארץ במה

ההצגה ריגשה אותי עד דמעות! היתה לי חוויה מיוחדת של התפעלות מהשחקנים ומעורבות ריגשית חזקה עם הסיטואציות, אני חושבת שאתם עושים תיאטרון מעולה ומעשה אנושי חשוב, תודה לכם על חוויה מאתגרת ומעוררת למחשבות. שיהיה לכם בהצלחה.

זאת תגובתה של אורנה ספיר–קם, מנהלת פסטיבל ”כל הארץ במה” לצפייה בטייק אווי.

Orna Sapir-Kam, Director of the Tel Aviv Theater Festival, “All the Land is a Stage”:

The play moved me to tears! I had an extraordinary experience – amazment at the actors, powerful emotional engagement with the action. I think that you are doing fantastic theater work and important human work. Thank you for a challenging and thought-provoking experience. Much success to you!

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Best Actor

Congratulations to YTheater Project co-director Kadar Herini who was just awarded the prize for best actor for his performance in Take Away at the festival, “All the Land is a Stage” at the Tzavta Theater in Tel Aviv.

Kadar pointing

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