Booking Information

What We Provide:

-A 60-minute performance of YTheater’s production of Take-Away, performed by professional Israeli and Palestinian actors flying in from Jerusalem

-A post-performance talk-back with the actors and directors

-An experiential theater workshop

-Poster design for advertising

What We Need From You:

-A total cost of $3000 (please let us know if this is beyond your community’s available means, we are flexible).

-A place for 6 performers/technical crew to stay the night after the performance (staying on couches or dorm beds would be fine!)

-A stage to perform on (the afternoon in the theater to set up and the evening to perform).

Some Suggestions:

-Consider partnering with another organization/campus in the area to bring in more of an audience and cover the costs.

-Selling tickets is suggested – proceeds would return to you.

Finally – Our Booking FAQ

1) What kind of stage does YTheater need (i.e. theater/risers, wings, mics)? Preferably a stage that is at least 29.5′ x 20′ with one off-stage wing or aisle.

2) What equipment does the performance require?  Basic lighting (spot lights), sound equipment (for our soundtrack), a digital projector for subtitles. Mics are optional for the post-performance talk-back.

3) Is YTheater providing the poster design? Yes – the host campus is responsible for printing and publicizing the performance.

4) What sort of production value are you planning on?  Low budget production with high level performance professionalism.

5) Are we responsible for any of the meals for the actors? Not necessary, but we welcome you to set up a meal/meet-and-greet where we could mingle informally with audience participants.
6) What is your mission on this tour? To model and promote better modes of engagement – moving from anger, recrimination, threats and violence toward more refined understanding, mutual respect, and creativity.

7) Would your actors be interested in dinner with a few participants/students? We’d be happy to have a meal with participants/students — timing to be determined together.

8) Are we responsible for transportation for the actors? No. We will be driving a van to each performance venue.

9) What sort of lodging are you looking for? The YTheater 6-person traveling team prefers home hospitality – to stay with participants, students, faculty.

10) What does a successful performance mean to YTheater? Engaging and inspiring audiences with our vision and practice of collaboration in the presence of difference.

11) What language is the show in? Take Away is in Hebrew and Arabic – each actor speaks in his/her native tongue. Our theater language and choreography make the meaning of the performance plain without translation. For our North American tour, we will be projecting English subtitles.


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