How Can You Help?

***To make this tour as effective as possible, we need your support***

Promotion: You can help us by spreading our message – pass on this email to community leaders and to friends in other communities. Help us get more bookings and reach wider audiences!

Media Attention: Help make our voice louder by sharing our materials and tour info on line – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else. Know anyone in the local or national media? Tip them about us and our tour.

Hospitality: Are you on the YTheater Tour itinerary and would like to host our road-weary cast for the night or for a friendly chat over lunch?

Transportation: The Ytheater cast will be travalling all over the East Coast and all the way out west to Missouri! To tote around four actors, a producer, a techie and all our props, costumes and sets – we need a large van! Do you happen to have a spare van that you wouldn’t mind parting with for a month? Poof – our tour just became so much easier!

Funding: Right now, we are all doing this as volunteers! All the money we make goes to cover tour expenses. Still, we would love to be able to compensate our cast for their devotion and their time and make the future existence of YTheater more viable. YTheater welcomes funding supporting our efforts to create better, more nuanced, and fruitful conversations about Israel and Palestine.

For more information, contact

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