What we offer – Show & Workshop

The Show

At the core of the Middle-East conflict, our comic tragedy deals with brokenness, apathy, waste and greed. Intimate exploitations escalate into international violations. Amidst satire and self-reflection, destruction and remorse, we aspire to respect and collaboration among us and with our world.

From Barry Davis’ piece in The Jerusalem Post, “Trash Talk – and Action”:

The play centers on a garbage dump on a sacred hill where a bunch of Jews and Muslims live, spending their days sifting their way through the detritus of modern living to find usable objects and food. At the refuse site, residents live together peacefully side by side, until a profit-oriented women entrepreneur appears on the scene – and the coexistence boat is well and truly rocked.

Bonna: “It is not about getting people to listen to us so we can convince them and get them to change their mind. It is about offering hope”. The onstage garbage represents more than just what we consumers like to dump and forget. It is more about how we treat each other on a day-to-day basis. “We are rehearsing for a better life. We act in order to prepare people for a better civil society, both in Israel and for the Palestinians”.

It is about the way things are done and not just about the content. “We have no illusions that we’ll convince the other person to accept or embrace our view. However, we believe that we do need to conduct this with dignity and respect and a lot of knowledge of the other, and even with the desire to work out how to live together well”.

“We use a theme to explore how we intersect through something which is even more universal than conflict, and that is the ecology of our world – not only the material ecology, but also the human ecology. We use people for a purpose we have in mind and when they are no longer worthwhile for us, we trash them. What is a refugee? The trash of the world. Jews have experienced that for thousands of years and Palestinians understand themselves in that role now. What we are trying to do is enable people to understand how it is possible to live with completely different worldviews”.

K eats newspaper

The Workshop

In our “Take Away” workshop, we share with participants parts of our own work process in creating the play. Combining physical and movement exercises with theater work, we plunge together into a pile of waste, exploring its narratives and learning about ourselves. By engaging with materials that we discard daily, we reveal our own life stories as well as those of our communities and our world. Exploring our trash and our attitude towards it on the material, physical, emotional, social and political levels, we raise awareness and learn how better to relate to the intrinsic value of ourselves, one another and our environment. This two-hour workshop, suitable for up to 45 participants of all ages, empowers us to interact with attention, respect, and caring, as a base for traversing the borders of identity and conflict.

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